Monday, 2 September 2013

Hannah Carter

Title: Hannah Carter
Stitched by: Cindy G
Fabric: 36count Lakeside Linen Vintage Bluegrass
Threads:  silk overdyes

Cindy says:
I made a few changes, using 36 count Lakeside Linen Vintage Bluegrass and leaving the background unstitched.  I stitched it over 1 using silk overdyes.  I wanted my piece to have a more sunfaded, antique feel and I think using the overdyes accomplished what I wanted very nicely.  It was quite a challenge, however, as I had to be very careful to ensure that the color shifts in the silk appeared faded and not as stripes.  It took me about a year to complete this.  As you can see, it was worth the effort as it came home from the ANG Shoreline Stitchers' Faire this past Spring with numerous awards...1st Place, Best of Class (Petit Point), Judge's Choice, and one other ribbon that isn't in the picture sponsored by Long Beach EGA which is the Helen Brooks Memorial Award for excellence in Petit Point. 


Hannah Carter
Photos supplied by Marsha Parker of the Scarlet Letter

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