Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Welcome to our Scarlet Letter Gallery

In 2012 Nicola Parkman was looking forward to a Special Birthday.  She wondered if she should have a party, go on a cruise, buy some special jewellery, lay down a case of port or some other way to commemorate her Big Day.

Nicola decided to host a Scarlet Letter Challenge.  She has been a fan of the reproduction samplers charted by Marsha Parker for many years and knew that other stitchers love them too.  But how to organise the challenge?  That was when she contacted me, knowing how much I love organising my Blog Hops she thought I might have some ideas.

Between us we came up with the Scarlet Letter Blog.  A group blog for everyone to join and share their progress pictures.  We hoped for 20 bloggers, maybe the magic 50?  By the first Christmas we had filled the first blog with 100 stitchers and had started a second!!  Also full with 100 stitchers.

I have been dutifully cataloguing all the finished samplers on the Finishes Page and was wondering how we would progress once the original year was over (20th February 2014).  Nicola had been thinking about this too and really wanted a permanent Gallery to show past and future samplers too.  And after many weeks' work, here it is!  Every sampler completed during the Challenge so far and many more stitched before the Challenge started.

All the samplers are listed in alphabetical order as per the Scarlet Letter website itself.  So some are under "The..." because that is how the website lists them.  I have used the same categories as the Scarlet Letter website as well as Out of Print for those rare pieces no longer available.

There are several ways to find the sampler you would like to view-

1. Type the name in the Search Box at the top left hand corner of the blog.

2. Select a category from the Labels section on the right hand side.

3. Use the Archive column on the right hand side.  Ignore the numbers and click on each little arrow to show the names of each sampler under that section.  Remember they are in alphabetical order by surname.

If your sampler is not there then it means no-one has stitched it yet and we have shown the model photo which Marsha Parker has kindly supplied.

Nicola and I would like to thank everyone who has contributed to the Scarlet Letter Year in any way, especially those who have sent in photos of their older finishes for this Gallery.

If you have a sampler you would like to see included in the Gallery please email me a nice clear photo of your stitching plus the details of fabric and threads used (if known).  You don't need to be a member of the Scarlet Letter Challenge to have a photo added to the Gallery.  My email address is on the right hand side of this blog.

Jo xxx


  1. A HUGE THANK YOU to Jo for all her work in compiling the gallery and to everyone who has contributed with their stitched samplers.

    The gallery will keep on growing as more samplers are stitched and will be a wonderful reference source for us and generations to come.

  2. How wonderful to open my email on this first day of 2014 and find the message from Jo with the link to the 'new' Scarlet Letter Gallery ... it is a.w.e.s.o.m.e!!! What talent, commitment and devotion to the needlearts!
    There are not enough 'thank you's' for Nicola and Jo for their time and efforts not just on this Gallery but in organizing and bringing us all together on the SLY blogs.
    And, Marsha ... your talents are amazing ... thank you for continuing to seek and reproduce the most beautiful and interesting samplers.
    And to all of the reproduction sampler stitchers out there ... you are a never-ending inspiration ... I am in awe of the talent this group has!

  3. Unfortunatly my sampler is not finish for this year. But thank you for this fantastic adventure.

    1. Don't worry, the blog will be continuing after the 20th February so you still have time to complete your sampler and show us lovely progress photos.

  4. I love this idea and am enjoying looking at all the images thinking about which threads and fabrics speak to me for the designs.

    One suggestion to make it easier for those of us likely to be inspired to the point of purchasing the pattern, maybe the title under the image could be linked directly to the corresponding Scarlett Letter sale page?

  5. That's a good idea Julie. I can work on that over the next couple of weeks.

    Thank you for your suggestion.